Unveil the thoughtful artistry
of blending natural beauty and community vision.

Unveil the thoughtful artistry
of blending natural beauty and community vision.

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The Highlands reveals a deeper dimension of beauty and history within the most amazing terrain in the Santa Clarita Valley. Natural views will inspire neighborhood parks and impressive amenities and miles of community trails. The natural world is friendly here, ready to be experienced close up and comfortably. The Highlands at Tesoro del Valle sets a vision of stewardship, innovative homes, and vibrant gathering places where people of all ages can celebrate life.



Surrounding The Highlands, Santa Clarita Valley life is flourishing with convenient shopping, entertainment, health care and community services. With an eye to the present and a vision for the future, the region retains its spirit of the past, while it plans for new generations to enjoy an outstanding quality of life. Enjoy Old Town Newhall's Farmer's Markets and the summer concerts at Santa Clarita's Central Park. 2016 marks the 100th Anniversary of the Tesoro Adobe. Attend events at CalArts, and cheer home teams at Valencia High and College of the Canyons. Family-friendly parks are abundant and accessible. To find out what's happening next on the valley's community calendar, be sure to click here.


Great schools are a hallmark of the Santa Clarita Valley. The Highlands will have diminished impact on local schools because a significant population aged 55+ will call the community home. In keeping with the example set by Tesoro del Valle, The Highlands is a strong supporter of local schools and a good neighbor to surrounding colleges and universities.

The Highlands is a part of Saugus Unified and William S. Hart Unified School Districts, which include the following K-12 schools:

Please contact the school districts above for current attendance boundaries.


Community Habit Hero #6

Isabella Romanelli Student of the Month with Mother, Nicole Romanelli
Isabella Romanelli  and Nicole Romanelli

Isabella Romanelli
Community Habit Hero #6 for Synergize

In May, the students at Tesoro del Valle were challenged with Habit number 6, Synergize. Synergy means “two heads are better than one.” It involves teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems. Isabella Romanelli was recognized for this month’s Habit. She brought individuals together in group work settings and made sure each member was heard. Through synergy, the group was able to find solutions that are less likely to be discovered alone. Newport Pacific Land awarded Isabella with a $100 gift card to Cheesecake Factory. 


The Valencia Trail Race is an amazing experience that features a 10 kilometer, half marathon, and a 50k ultra distance run. Annually, the community is invited to experience a trail course that takes you up to the peaks and along the ridgelines with panoramic views, then into the canyons through the hills of Valencia for a truly awesome trail challenge. This year, the race took place on Saturday, March 25th at 7:00 AM on our Highlands property, which gave runners the exposure to awesome trails, hills, breathtaking views, and most importantly, beautiful nature. The course contained 20 hills, 70% single track, and 30% mountain roads. We are pleased to announce a portion of the race proceeds gave support to different charities, including Wildlife Waystation and Global Adventure Kids.  To Learn more... VALENCIA Trail Race!  



Michael Schlesinger, Ava Francis, Jay Francis and Diane Saunders
Michael Schlesinger, Ava Francis, Jay Francis and Principal - Diane Saunders

Tesoro del Valle Elementary School is implementing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into their curriculum. Each month, the school is recognizing one student based on the Habit that is being practiced for the month. Tesoro del Valle Elementary is teaming up with Newport Pacific Land to reward each of the students that are being acknowledged for their accomplishment with a $100 gift card to Lazy Dog or Cheesecake Factory. NPL firmly believes our future is in the hands of our children and a solid foundation built on positive habits will benefit the community greatly.


Peter Warda, Jeremy Cook and Principal - Diane Saunders
Peter Warda, Jeremy Cook and Principal - Diane Saunders

The month of November, Tesoro del Valle students put into practice the first Habit, “Be Proactive.” This Habit talks about constantly working to expand your influence. Student Jeremy Cook was awarded for this Habit for being the most proactive during and outside of school hours. He was involved with different groups that would stay and help clean the school after hours and constantly make sure his community was taken care of.


Michael Schlesinger, Ava Francis, Jay Francis and Diane Saunders
Michael Schlesinger, Ava Francis, Jay Francis and Principal - Diane Saunders


While December is a month full of activities, the Tesoro del Valle students focused on practice Habit number 2, “Begin with the End in Mind.” This habit is based on the ability to envision in your mind what you can’t at present see with your eyes. The students presented at the Assembly what they wanted to be when they grow up. Ava Francis was chosen the winner for the second Habit. She presented her personal mission statement to the school.

Principal - Diane Saunders, Annabella Edwards, Dinora Edwards
Principal - Diane Saunders, Annabella Edwards, Dinora Edwards

For the month of January, Tesoro del Valle students embraced practice Habit number 3, “Put First Things First.” This Habit helps you understand to live a more balanced existence. This Habit deals with the questions addressed in time management. Annabella Edwards was awarded for this Habit. Annabella completes all her work in a timely manner and gives 100% at all times.


Michael Schlesinger, VP of Community Development for Newport Pacific Land, presented a $5,000 check to the Tesoro del Valle Elementary School PTA during the school's Spirit Rally. This check was the first installment of the total $10,000 donation that is being made towards the school's science lab. Newport Pacific Land is in the process of building The Highlands, which is the final phase of the Tesoro Del Valle Master Plan. Newport Pacific Land believes in giving back and helping the local community thrive. They believe that volunteer efforts, contributions, and leadership help create stronger, healthier communities.

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